Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sun, Moon and Stars
In Science we are learning about the SunMoon and Stars.
Hope you enjoy some of the websites and get valuable information on the Sun, Moon and Stars. 

Have fun exploring this interactive website on sun, moon and stars. While playing the game, please read all the information they give you about the sun, moon and stars. 

Click on the website Earth, Moon and Sun and Play some games on it. 
Here is the URL for it

Remember to browse through the vocabulary words. 

Investigation 2: The Moon
CycleNew Moon
Lunar cycle
              First-quarter Moon
                  Third-quarter Moon
Night skyFull Moon
     Crescent Moon
PlanetGibbous Moon
StarWaxing Moon
Moon phaseWaning Moon

Lunar Calendar
Look at the Lunar Calendar if you cannot see the Moon

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