Thursday, January 19, 2017

Skype with Mariana LIanos

Tristan Wolf by Mariana LIanos

Today we had a great skype session with author Mariana Llanos. She taught us that it is very important to have an imagination, especially when you write a story.
Please write a short story (like Tristan Wolf) to share with all of us.  Think about where you would like to "take" your readers for an adventure. The story should have at least three paragraphs. (Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and an end).

This assignment is due by Sunday, February 19, 2017


  1. This is Salmaan's fantasy story titled,The Story of the Crazy Salmon.
    "Huh?What happened?Oh right...I WOKE UP!GOT TO PREPARE DINNER!"Yelled the Crazy Salmon in fluent English.He screams"I'M GOING TO EAT A SHARK WITH A HUMAN TODAY!"After yelling the sentence about waking up.The Crazy Salmon flops through the water and swims through the air,to get to the Butcher.
    He asks the Butcher,"DO YOU HAVE ANY VEGETABLES?!"The Butcher replies with"I'll take you to the"
    The Crazy Salmon goes to the Supermarket with the Butcher and the Butcher goes to his shop.The Crazy Salmon gets all of the vegetables in the shop but...the Weird Shark appears!The Crazy Salmon shoots the Weird Shark with bubbles and temporarily paralyzes him.He steals from the Weird Shark,$1,000,000.The Crazy Salmon uses that money to pay for the vegetables,and he eats them all throughout the day.

  2. The mermaid
    Ones there where mermaid and merman who ruled the ocean they were very happy.But one day the humans came and started hunting for mermaids and merman.To portect the merpeople the King told them to swim deeper where the human nets could not reach them. King Pacific had a daughter her name was Sunrise,She was beautiful,curious and brave. One day Sunrise asked her mother when can she have the powers of the sea.Her mother answer “When you are older you are only 8 years old you have to be 10 years old.” “Ok mother.” answer Sunrise. The power of the sea is all the powers of the world only the King,Queen and Princess or Prince have it because they are the ones to defend the merpeople.To get the powers of the sea is like doing the Olympic except more tricky. You have to get past a monster rays cave without him eating you,Then under the volcano of doom and not wake volcano.Last you have to find the dragon of the sea in a deep deep cave and ride him back home and you will get the powers of the sea.
    (2 years later)
    2 years had past Sunrise was now 10 years old it was time to get the powers of the sea. Sunrise was scared so her mom tolled her she was going to be brave and she must never give up.Before Sunrise set off to get the powers of the sea she was given a map to know where she had to go.Then off Sunrise went first the monster rays cave Sunrise went in all of a sudden the monster ray woke up because he had heard Sunrise came in. The monster ray said angrily “Who has entered my cave and woke me up!” Sunrise had to thing fast then she remembered that she read something about the monster ray she remembered that monster ray fall asleep to music.Sunrise also remembered that she had a violin in her bag she started to play it the ray fell asleep she didn't stop until she made it to the end of the cave.Next was the volcano of doom Sunrise had to be very quite not to wake up the volcano so she swam through the volcano but at the end of the volcano there where monster sharks.Then in the corner of her eye she saw a bone she grabbed the bone and threw it and the sharks followed it and Sunrise got through.Then Sunrise had to go to the deep cave to find the dragon she started to swim deeper and deeper then she found the sea dragon it was huge when she rode it home everyone was cheering for her and she got the powers of the sea.
    The End

  3. Hi Salmaan, this is a wild salmon adventure, isn't it? I like how you have a clear beginning, middle, and ending. Your characters are fun and I enjoyed how you used your imagination. Great job!--Mariana Llanos

  4. Story written by Sakhi

    The riddle
    Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a kind princes who loved nature. She had 100 maids her favorite was Wilhelmina a 7 year old girl she was more like a friend than a maid . One day Wilhelmina caught pneumonia the doctor said she has three days to go to the underworld to get medicine but the person will have to get 3 wish sticks and of he went.
    The princes was not to be found the next day she had already used two wish sticks.

    “Whoo finally I’m heer” the princes. The princes went to hades and got the medicine. “ Wait said Hades before you go you have to answer
    my question. There is a son and a father going on a hike accidentally they go on the bad trail when they get to a cliff the father and the son both fall the father dies the son gets badly hurt when the son gets to the hospital the nurse says the son needs surgery then the surgeon comes and says I can’t do surgery on him for he is my son. Is this possible?

    It took a little while but she answered “ The mother”. “ Good and bye bye” said Hades. In a flash the princes was back home and she gave Willamina the medicine she felt better.

  5. Into the clouds
    By Mamadou

    In the jungle of azaloo,next to the desert of ice.A flykey(flying monkey)was on guard duty protecting the sadace tribe.His name was lance,he was protecting the tribe from the evil dragon loku ko luca.Lance had a family two sisters a mom and a dad.

    His best friend was guarding the baby star-all of sudden “Roagh” it was loku ko luca!He was after the star “protect the star”it was too late loku ko had the star and was heading straight for him. “I failed my tribe”that's when he hit, lance got shot up into the air “what happened” “you are in a place of wonder” said a strange voice.

    “Who are you and what happened to my tribe?” “nothing just simply moved out of the way” “my name is Guru sky” ”to many question eager you are let us go inside” “No I failed my duty on protecting sadace tribe now i need redo that mistake” “ I am a guru i'm going to help you with that I am” sky and lance go inside for a cup of tea and that sooths lance’s nerves and lets guru sky teach him meditation on Lances finale day sky gave him good advice “the dragon does not mean harm but is just misunderstood” lance kept on thinking about that as he journeyed.

    Through the clouds through the sky and in the sky lance sees the star and loku ko luca lance was ready to pounce at the star when he remembered what sky said “the dragon does not mean harm but just misunderstood” so lance decided to talk to loku ko luca. (Deep voice for loku) “who are you” (regular voice for lance) “hi my name is lance.And I just wanted to know why you moved my tribe and how” (loku ko luca)”I am a dragon a great beast I have extraterrestrial powers that allow me to stop time move places.”

    “Now why did you take the star” “we dragon's also give birth we keep our eggs in star’s,and when they're ready, they fall to eastromoo (their planet) and the fathers go scavenging for the star and bring it home” “so that was your star” “yes and here come my little ones now” “CONGRATULATIONS!” (baby voice) “Thank you” “ now i’ll go back and explain things to my tribe” “Bye” “Bye (as baby dragon falls over).


  6. This is Aryan's Fantasy story: Abra Catastrophe 1.Timmy was in dreaming that he was said “I will never tell you my secret” as he was dreaming. He was in space in a hemisphere ship and a gray mask was Cosmo who cut his hand.Then Wanda turned into a paintbrush and Timmy was in a city .Timmy was in the dinosaures land and he had a butterfly net.He was swallowed by a dinosaur and Cosmo and Wanda clicked their wands.When Timmy woke up,he saw the fairies, they said ‘’Happy Fairy-Versary’’. Jorgan was inioxos that Timmy had a butterfly net had he used Binky to destroy the butterfly net.They enjoyed the party and Timmy opened his presents . Crocker was looking everywhere for fairies and he found them in the home of Timmy Turner. Crocker was going to catch a fairy with his unbeatable butterfly net which was purple. Jorgan brought a magic muffin and he said”If you take a bite out of this muffin,you will get one rule-free wish.The muffin had a light blue candle with a golden star,purple with golden stars,and a light blue cupcake .

    2. Crocker was going crazy.He turned his van into a ice cream truck and a spinach truck to school.Crocker chained Timmy to his desk and used his magic detector to track the magic muffin . beyBi,Aj ‘s monkey took the muffin and wished of a world of his own. Then Timmy saw a human catcher truck. When Bipy oh add, Cosmo clicked his wand and the world was back to normal but Crocker got the muffin and he catched Wanda in his unbeatable butterfly nut and transformed himself with the muffin and Wanda into a blue magic guy with a magic sceptre with Wanda inside.

    3) Crocker changes the world and Timmy and Cosmo defeated Crocker but he sucks Cosmo in his sceptre.Crocker and Timmy travel into different worlds . Timmy get Cosmo and Wanda and Timmy wishes the world back to normal again.Dimmsdale is back to normal and the world.

  7. Magic Crystal

    Athena woke to see herself in a mess. She called,”Una! Come here!” Una whined,” Sorry I had a freak out morning!”Athena protested,”Oh sure,” Una always makes a mess in the morning because she loses her favorite toy. Which seems to end up on her head everyday. Athena’s father Zeus came. He said,”Una please clean your mess,” As soon as Una cleaned her mess and Athena changed they both went to breakfast.

    At breakfast Athena’s father Zeus told her that she will get very special surprise birthday present. Athena wondered what it could be. Athena was so excited for this present. Zeus even said,” I’m taking you a special place to show you your gift.” One thing that Athena not get her love off was ancient thing. So it stuck with Athena throughout the whole school day.

    At school Athena tried to concentrate on her school work but her mind could not get of thinking of her birthday present. Athena’s friend helped her guess at recesses. When they got back to their classroom Athena’s class celebrated her birthday. That made Athena think of her present so much, she became grumpy.

    The next day was Athena’s birthday. To her surprise Una and Zeus (her father) were at her bed. When Athena woke up she got a,”Happy Birthday Athena!” Athena got many presents but one thing bugged her Athena wanted to know her big surprise. After the family’s breakfast they went to the throne room Zeus picked up something and told Athena,”Athena please follow me and Una you can come to!” Athena was pleased to have Una with her but she still wondered what her gift was.

    Athena and Una followed Zeus into a mysterious garden. At a cliff that was in the garden near the waterfall, they all took a seat. Athena got very impatient she had to splash water on her face. Una brought Athena a bucket of water. Athena praised,”Thank you!” Zeus started to open the box. Inside the box was a beautiful crystal. Athena told Una, “Una, this is something you must not mess up and touch.” Una looked as if she were about to cry, but she held her tears. Zeus told Athena,” This crystal will give you any power you like, each power lasts a day.” All of a sudden the crystal rolled off Zeus’s hand and started falling into the lake. Una went after it. Athena cheered,”GO UNA GO!!” Una brought the crystal up to Athena.

    Athena exclaimed,”Una I am so sorry for not letting you touch the crystal” Zeus told Athena,”Athena only use the crystal outside with Una” Athena accepted Zeus’s instructions. Una was so happy for being the crystal saver. All of them went inside for dinner.

    Athena and Una would always go outside to play with the crystal after homework. Una started to stop causing a mess in Athena's room. Everything was happy and peaceful. Una started to go to Unicorn school. Athena exclaimed to Una,”I will never ever forget this birthday in 2017!”

  8. The Fight Against The Evil Dr. Slytherin

    “Ahh”said Nathaniel lying down in his warm bed eating ice cream and watching his favorite movie away from the freezing,discomfort of the outside world where in only a matter of hours he would be having the fight of his life.

    “Yawn” yawned Nathaniel as he got out of his bed and got into the bathroom where he brushed his teeth.” Nathaniel,come down and eat your breakfast” his mom screeched through the depths of the hallways and said it loud enough that anybody could have easily heard. ”Coming mom” Nathaniel yelled back. As Nathaniel grumpily walked down the stairs with railings coated with marble exterior and steps with many layers of silk. ”What’s for breakfast”said Nathaniel with a look on his face like he did not get enough sleep during the night. ”Sunny side up,and I have to leave for work so you are completely sure you’re going to be fine” said mom. ”How many times have I told you,YES”Nathaniel told her. ”Because you are going alone the whole day almost,you know” mom said.”I know, I know” nathaniel told her.

    “Yummy”Said Nathaniel as he licked the delicious ice cream he got from the shoprite nearby.”this tastes amazing” said Nathaniel.”Ahh”.He also might have picked a soda bottle.
    “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”!!!!!!AHHHHHH,WHAT WAS THAT”!!!!!!As Nathaniel climbed out of the house he saw a huge horror.A gigantic snake in a doctor's suit with pistols hanging from a holster. It had a belt that had huge daggers hanging from it and a badge witch said DR.SLYTHERIN. “AHHH,HOW SHOULD I FIGHT WITH YOU,hey that looks like the sword of gryffindor” said nathaniel pointing at a sword in the distance . So nate grabbed the sword and started to duel Dr.Slytherin.”hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said nate as he jumped up and and stuck the sword into the top of of the snakes mouth.”YESSSSSSSS”!!!!!!!!

  9. The Crystal Stone
    By Surya
    The meteorite that holds the crystal stone was heading right to earth!30 minutes later it crashed to earth.The dinosaurs started screaming.Arah roar.But the crystal stone landed in a lake and was never to be seen again.And legends say it will try to find the one who's chosen to own it.

    2,000,000,000 years later
    Flash a twelve year old just woke up was sleepy.It was Saturday morning.He ran downstairs.He cooked bacon and eggs. The rest of the day did not well for Flash. This is boring, Flash complained. But suddenly, a goldish yellow crystal stone glowing right infront of him. It was hovering. “Haa.. What is this?” - Flash asked. He touched it. Two holograms appeared.

    “Hello, master” - The first hologram said. You are chosen to be the third master of the crystal stone. You now have incredible powers. “Wow..”, Flash said excitedly. Your powers are electricity,fire,wind,ice,earth and water. “Cool..”, Flash said. But the only problem is Zentor. “Zentor! Who is he?” - Flash said. He is a big beast, he tries to the crystal stone. He will never stop until he gets what he wants.

    But the only way to stop him is all your powers combined. Now it will take a long time to practise that. So, be careful. And the holograms disappeared. That night, Flash could not sleep. Zentor was in his dreams. “Give me the crystal stone, Give me..!”, he screamed in Flash dream.

    Flash woke up and screamed “Ahh!!”. The lightning struck. Zentor was there. Flash started running down the stairs. “Where is my stone?”, Zentor shouted. Flash said nothing. He stayed hidden behind the couch. “The only way is to combine my power”, Flash thought and Zentor smashed the couch. Flash used water to block him. “I killed your father, he was the keeper before you”, said Zentor. Flash stopped, his body filled with rage. All his power blasted to Zentor. He was gone, Zentro was gone. Flash lived a good life after all.